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Counseling & Mental Health

Change for Living Counseling PLLC and Raleigh Counseling Collaborative have psychotherapists, psychologists and counselors committed to helping people live mentally and physically healthier lives. They have therapists with many years experience offering cutting edge services to kids, families, couples and adults to help them address the challenges they are facing and have better lives.  So whether you are experiencing: anxiety, stress or panic; substance abuse/addiction; PTSD/trauma; sports psychology/stress related to being an athlete; LGBT concerns; relationship and marital struggles; depression, loss or grief; disordered eating, including anorexia or binge or compulsive eating; chronic medical conditions; or issues facing kids and young people and their parents and families, the specialists at CFLC and RCC may be able to help.  Give them a call.  They are happy to answer any of your questions and start helping you create the life you want.

To start getting help today, call them at 919-807-1454 or 919-627-8829.  Or email them at:  or

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