Uncover The Root Cause Here.
Discover How My Optimal Health Program™
Can Transform Your Health!
Uncover The 
Root Cause Here.
Discover How My 
Optimal Health Program™
Can Transform Your Health!
Explore The 6 Foundational Principles Of Optimal Health
The Food You Eat
The first foundational principle of optimal health is the foods that you choose to put into your body on a daily basis.  Food and it's nutrients represent the building blocks that create every cell of your body and in order to build optimal health you need to make optimal food choices.  Your optimal food choice considerations should include: optimal food quality, optimal foods for your individual biochemistry and avoidance of inflammatory foods.
The Water You Consume
The second foundational principle of optimal health is the water with which you choose to both drink and bathe.  The body can go for weeks without food but without water you will perish in 3 days.  Every cell in your body needs water to function and even with as little as 2% dehydration your body will start to experience dysfunction.  It is critical for optimal health that you stay regularly hydrated but it is just as important that your water source is pure, filtered and free of any contaminants. 
The Air You Breathe
The third foundational principle of optimal health is the air that you breathe as well as the way that you breathe that air.  The importance of optimal air quality and breathing function is underscored by the fact that you will die in just a few minutes without oxygen.  To be optimally healthy you should carefully consider all air that you are exposed to in all of your environments from your home, office, car and outdoor 
air quality.
The Movements You Make
The fourth foundational principle is the way that you move or do not move your body.  The human body is designed for movement and similar to a stagnant body of water, your body will become toxic and dysfunctional if you do not move regularly.  The body responds well to regularly varied movements and should be moved in basic primitive patterns that include squatting, lunging, bending, pushing, pulling, pressing and various gait patterns.
The Energy Around And Within You
The fifth foundational principle of optimal health is the energy around you.  For thousands of years ancients have been aware of a subtle energy field that runs throughout all living things and this invisible energy field permeates your physical body.  Both this energy field and your biology can be affected by the energy field of other people as well as hidden electromagnetic fields or EMF's and ELF's.  Optimal health requires an awareness and management of these subtle energies affecting your wellbeing.
The Sleep You Get
The sixth principle of optimal health is your sleep and rest. Research shows that getting adequate sleep can reverse and prevent disease as well as help you to lose weight. The body requires sleep in order to maintain balance in your systems and it requires both adequate quantity and quality.  Improving your sleep quality and quantity can be the first step to transforming your health and creating a happier, more energetic you. Get started now improving your sleep with these free videos!

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